Freedom - Jina Wallwork


Within every desire there is a request. We ask for others to adopt behaviors that allow for our wishes to be fulfilled. We imagine that if we behave in a certain way it will trigger a set of responses that will lead us to the life we want. The path to acceptance is found by respecting the freedom of others. Not all cages are physical. Instead, they can be mental, emotional, and imaginary. When we ask someone to change we are placing an imaginary cage around them. Without steal and substance the cage drifts away, as they choose to stretch their wings.

If we make demands it is because we have lost all sight of the needs of others. It can be difficult to let go of what you want someone else to be. You can't shape your life. If your life contains love then it is never fully yours; instead, It's a joint creation with the people around you. Sadly, our desires are often the result of individual thought when they should be discussed in order to identify how they connect with the world around us. Sometimes they are incompatible and this must accepted.

To move beyond a desire you must focus on other people. When you release a bird from captivity you can't choose its destination and you may never see it again. You can only appreciate its flight. Sit back and know that the freedom of others is more important than any desire you may hold. Through this you will find acceptance.

A digital painting by Jina Wallwork

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A digital painting by Jina Wallwork