The Chariot

Taken from the tarot series by Jina Wallwork

The Chariot

A sense of purpose


The road ahead is filled with rocks and mountains. This path is difficult because it’s yours. Would you expect anything different? Passion has guided you here because you have the capabilities and determination to navigate this difficult landscape. There were other roads you could’ve taken, but this path brings meaning to your life. You’re filled with a sense of purpose and it will sustain you through every difficulty. You want to make a difference to the world. You know that you’re capable of assisting others and that belief is necessary if you’re going to move mountains. This path is difficult, although you might find an easier path dull. If something is easy it might not be worth doing. If you were honest you’d admit that you thrive on the challenge, and you may even feel a small sense of loss when a victory is obtained. You’re a hungry, determined, and passionate human being. I wouldn’t want to be in your way.

The Chariot by Jina Wallwork

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The Chariot Reversed

Losing your sense of purpose


You can’t summon the motivation that is necessary. Where is your passion and why won’t you let it guide you? As your vehicle strayed off course you fought to regain control. Your mind keeps returning to that pivotal moment, and through hindsight you can see the actions that were necessary to avoid a collision. Your vehicle is shattered in pieces across a road filled with heavy traffic. You can wait for nightfall, stumbling in the darkness, you could try to pick up what remains, or you could charge into danger and risk everything for the ashes of what has already been destroyed.

You don’t know what direction to take, and the obstacles seem too great. It would be a mighty struggle just to return to what you once had. I can’t tell you which direction to take. You will know the path that is right for you. This incident has shattered your understanding of yourself and the world around you. In time, you will discover the understanding that you require. You have lost your sense of purpose. Crawl if you need to. Walk if you can. Your journey isn’t over.


Artwork description

These horses are manifested from a single flame. Every obstacle will be consumed by ferocious energy. Hear their hooves crush the floor beneath them. The road is shaped by their actions, and this makes the chariot unstoppable.

Understand that you’re not separate from the path that you travel. A different person would choose another road. This journey is yours. With each step you create an imprint. You shape the earth and in return the world changes who you are.

Taken from the tarot series by Jina Wallwork