The Fool

Taken from the tarot series by Jina Wallwork

The Fool by Jina Wallwork

The Fool



There is danger everywhere; although, you shouldn’t let it stop you from taking a chance. This could be a mistake, but sometimes you just need to know. It would be horrible to live your life imagining what could’ve been and regretting that you never took the actions that were necessary to create something special. Devastation could be waiting around the corner; however, such a trauma would be temporary and preferable to a lifetime of regret. What if the magic of your dreams is really an indication that this is your destiny? You could disregard experiences of joy because you fear looking like a fool. There is a chance of humiliation and people may laugh at the risks that you take. If you’re not embarrassing the people around you then you’re probably trapped in a dull lifestyle that doesn’t bring you any fulfillment. Humiliation is a good thing because it means that we are following our own path and discovering the things that are right for us. We can revel in our eccentricity knowing that this life is a perfect fit. You need to face people’s laughter, and a few raised eyebrows, so you can be yourself. The fool has needed to pick himself up from various disappointments, yet this is part of the process. He risks everything in order to follow his heart. Everyone laughs at the fool, but he is too happy to notice.

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The Fool Reversed

Ignoring the dangers


You can have too much fun. You’ve become trapped in your quest for excitement and you’re struggling to find new means of stimulation. Everything is focused around your own pleasure and this constant quest has created an imbalance. You’ve drifted beyond fun and discovered a place of danger.

There is no balance to the life you’ve created and it is stopping you from reaching fulfillment. It isn’t possible to live life on a constant high. Life is filled with ups and downs, and you’re struggling to avoid anything real. There is no balance that would enable you to identify happiness because you must understand boredom and sorrow in order to grasp the true essence of excitement and joy. You don’t have to live life on the edge in order to feel an emotional intensity. You could obtain true fulfillment without the constant risk of danger.


Artwork description

The fool has the number zero. This can mean nothing, but it can also suggest a vacuum that attracts every possibility. The fool is a card of pure potential and it has a hyperactive energy. Traditionally the fool has been an androgynous character within the tarot and within this piece of artwork it retains that level of ambiguity. The fool shouldn’t be clearly defined because this person is fully capable of finding their own path and creating their own future.

This fool takes a leap of faith with total awareness. These wings are forged by deep consideration and the acceptance of any outcome. This fool has prepared as much as possible and as the world disappears beneath her feet she is filled with thoughts of victory and failure. The flight seems sweeter because we could’ve fallen. Filled with relief and excitement we take to the sky.

Taken from the tarot series by Jina Wallwork