The Magician

Taken from the tarot series by Jina Wallwork

The Magician by Jina Wallwork

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The Magician



You know who you are. There are gifts that you posses and it’s important that you discover an avenue in which to share them. The process will be long and difficult, yet it will also teach you many things. As you overcome each weakness, you will discover your greatest strengths. The magicians act is available for all to see; however, backstage is always out of sight because if you saw all the hard work and dedication you would understand that he is an ordinary man and that you are also capable of acts that can amaze and inspire.

There are many reasons why people hold back from sharing their abilities. They fool themselves into believing that it’s impossible or they lack the skills necessary. Sometimes we lose our faith in the world around us and that relationship must be infused with a belief in life’s possibilities. There isn’t a hierarchy of people where one group has the luxury of doing amazing things and everyone else can only watch. Sometimes we can fall into this illusion and become passive in how we approach life. We can become shaped by a false belief that constrains us more than the circumstance that surrounds us. You’re the magician and you must take center stage. Your relationship to the world is completely reciprocal. Share your gifts because in doing so you will also experience the true essence of those gifts. When you develop and express your abilities it is its own reward because you discover your unique strengths. Let yourself experience the joy of doing what you love and allow your passion to guide you. Focus on the direction that is right for you.

The Magician Reversed

A lack of focus


You’ve seen this act before. You allowed yourself to be distracted by the performance and you imagine that this performer is more than he appears to be. You’ve come to believe the illusion, yet it is just a trick that is designed to fool you. If you glimpse backstage you will see how all of this has been achieved. You will see an ordinary man who has struggled and persevered to maintain this illusion. Don’t let this stop you from believing in magic. If you lose faith you will aim for less and we all know that you deserve more. Take charge of your life and rediscover your path. Life wants to give you greater experiences, but you’ve been too distracted to receive them.


Artwork description

In this card René Magritte is the magician and the card contains some of the symbolism he used within his artworks. Night and day occupy the same space and it includes his bowler hat and an apple.

Years ago I was beginning to drift from my path. I began to believe that I shouldn’t be painting. Art seemed like a selfish pursuit because I felt that it was incapable of creating practical assistance for those who need it. As I looked around, I could see many problems in the world and I didn’t think they could be solved with a drawing. I felt that I was being realistic, but I was being cynical and I was ignoring what art can give.  Art can provide emotional healing, clarity of thought and it can be a voice for those who have none. I needed art, yet I imagined I could walk away.

At that time I was developing as a medium for spirit and I had an amazing vision, it was rich in texture and imagery, and it wouldn’t have been out of place in a Hollywood blockbuster. The person who crossed the divide to speak to me was a skilled visual communicator, and that artist was René Magritte. In spirit communication he wasn’t limited by paint; instead, he had the freedom to shape imagery with the energy of his own soul. It was an artwork free of any limitation. He didn’t present himself as Magritte; although, he did include visuals that would lead me to discover his identity. later, I would see aspects of my vision within his paintings. As part of that vision he told me that I should be creating art. I didn’t need to know his identity because it was more important that the request came from the spirit world, since I recognize its authority. My doubts and worries seem irrelevant now. If I wasn’t meant to create art my passion would have a different focus and I would be a different person.

That experience pushed me to focus on the path I’m traveling. I never gave up on my art and it has given me purpose. I don’t think Magritte came just to see me. I believe that he knew I would share our encounter. He knew that one day you would hear of my experience and you would also receive his message. Focus on the things that give your life purpose and don’t become distracted.  René Magritte chose to be my magician and he is also yours.

Taken from the tarot series by Jina Wallwork