Reality, Version 1 by Jina Wallwork

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Reality, Version 2 by Jina Wallwork

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If your expectations are in line with reality then you will feel no disappointment. Your realistic attitude will separate fantasy from truth and you’ll know what life is capable of offering. We don’t ask for impossible things because we understand the futility of that action.

Reality is a difficult thing to comprehend. Some people view reality as a circumstance. It is seen as a description of the world and its limitations. When you aim high, these are the people who will tell you that you’re not being realistic. However, it’s impossible to understand reality when you view it through a single perspective. Your world is different to mine.

To some people, reality would be a painting that looks like a photograph. Appearances can be deceiving because all of reality isn’t visible to our eyes. My thoughts and feelings are real, but they are hidden beneath the surface. Reality has depth, and if you explore only one layer then you will receive a false vision of the world. For me, reality is an abstract concept that is fluid. I reach out and grab a piece of knowledge, only to watch it move and transform into a different shape. There is always something else to learn and my vision is always incomplete. When someone tells me to be realistic I know that they’re asking for the impossible. Reality is a complex truth that is beyond our understanding. How can I be realistic, when I don’t know what reality is?