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Death and Rebirth

The Complete Explanation


"For the soul there is no reason for immortality if we cannot constantly change how we exist.

That is the purpose of death"-Jina Wallwork





The feeling of grief is not like any other. It feels as though you have been lied to. They told you that they would always love you and be there for you. Somehow they have broken their promises by leaving. You don’t blame them, because they did not choose to die. You don’t understand how any of this could reflect a greater good. Life seems cruel because no matter how much you love someone, you are always destined to be parted by death. The future appears to contain nothing but tears. It seems as though grief is the only thing that reminds you that you are alive. You want the feeling to stop although you also want to be able to acknowledge that you live. This book will show you that there is a future beyond grief and there is reason behind death.


This book splits into two aspects. An intellectual explanation that is factual and includes diagrams. An example of this is: Spirit Communication Explained. The second aspect is an explanation that explains the emotional aspects of living, dying and comprehending death. This aspect includes Jina's work as an artist. An example of this aspect is below.

Death and Rebirth book cover by Jina Wallwork

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Death and Rebirth

Discover how the shape and movement of the universe allows  for spirit Communication to take place.

Spirit Communication Explained

'Death and the Future'. A piece of artwork by Jina Wallwork. Ink on paper. It is included in the book 'Death and Rebirth'.

Death and the Future


Our vision can see far into the future and the point where we allow our gaze to fall will influence how we live life. If the future is tomorrow we will live only for today. If our vision focuses on the generations to come after our death, our life will become a path of service to that future generation. If we live only for today, death will arrive and we will feel as though we have achieved nothing. If we live only for the future we will barely appreciate the gift we have been given. Life is a wondrous time and only a broad vision can allow us to set a good pace in how we live it. If we see the future, the present, and the foundation of the past, we can appreciate life, and when death comes we will feel gratitude for the joys and an understanding of the sorrows.

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'Death and the Future'. A piece of artwork by Jina Wallwork. Ink on paper. It is included in the book 'Death and Rebirth'.