Current Exhibitions

9th December 2018 - 9th January 2019

Viva el Arte at Casa de Cultura Ruth Hernández Torres

1151 ave. Ponce de  León esq. Georgetti, 00925 San Juan, Puerto Rico.


18th December 2018 – 15th January 2019

One Hundred Postcards Show at Hundred Paces Studio & Gallery

11 Chuyun Road, Fangliao Township, Pingtung County, 940, Taiwan.

Viva el Arte

Thanks to the Asociación de Artistas Plásticos de Puerto Rico Jina is exhibiting as part of Viva el Arte. This is a group exhibition of artwork from around the world. For a list of participating artists visit

To see Jina's artwork for the exhibition visit




One Hundred Postcards

Speed by Jina Wallwork is included in a group exhibition at the Hundred Paces Studio & Gallery in Taiwan. To See Jina's submission for this exhibition visit